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Agency holding meeting: City of Sulphur Home Rule Charter Commission

Date: March 27, 2023


The commission held its last meeting. 

The Scene 

The last Sulphur Home Rule Charter Commission was held at 1551 East Napoleon Street in Sulphur, in a portable building. Sulphur resident Sheila Brousard filmed the meeting for Concerned Citizens for Sulphur. There were a few other community members present for this meeting. The meeting came to order at 5:34 PM.


The Home Rule Charter was originally passed by the residents of Sulphur in 1984. The members of this commission were appointed at the November 2022 city council meeting to update the Home Rule Charter to coincide with current Louisiana law.

The commissioners are Danny DiPetta, Donna Emmons (absent), Gena Granger, Sid Rosteet, Carla Sigler, Justin Sittig, and Becky Venissat. The commission secretary is Arlene Blanchard (absent). City attorney Cade Cole served as secretary. The commission is subject to open meetings law and will report their advised revisions to Sulphur City Council. 


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The agenda was approved without any changes. The Home Rule Charter can be accessed here

Mr. Sittig asks about term limits. Mr. Cole says there is no law that says they cannot add term limits to the charter. Mr. DiPetta says that term limits means an election, and if someone wants to be elected, they can take over a seat. Mr. Rosteet says no one person can have that kind of control over others as far as who is elected and who retires from a position. Ms. Sigler says it is difficult to find people who will serve because there’s a lot of apathy out there. 

Cole says the final draft is ready for review. As they go through it, Cole notes that the 2.06A language was already in the draft, he is just adding “current or former.” He says that prohibition on council members coming back to work for the city is a state rule and there is some question on whether a charter commission can override a state rule. One draft had inadvertently deleted it, but it should be left in to abide by the highest standard of ethics, Cole said. It was previously a one year prohibition and this change will make it two years. 

DiPetta asks if there is any further discussion and there is not. Mayor Danahey says he is very proud of the people they have on the commission. The document needed updating, and the charter has done that, Danahey said. State law has changed, and a lot of the changes taking place are because of that. He doesn’t think there is anything greatly controversial as far as what they have done. 

Open Discussion with Commissioners

The commission thanked Sheila Broussard for her diligence.

The charter is available on the Sulphur City website. The meeting was adjourned at 5:54 PM.


The home rule charter will be delivered to the city council at the April 10 meeting. It will appear on the ballot for the October election.

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