Documenter: Natalie McLendon

Agency holding meeting: City of Sulphur Home Rule Charter Commission

Date: March 23, 2023


The commission opened the meeting to the public, but received no response.

The Scene

The City of Sulphur Home Rule Charter Commission working session was held at 1551 East Napoleon Street in Sulphur, in a portable building. Sulphur resident Sheila Brousard filmed the meeting for Concerned Citizens for Sulphur. Barry Lowin from KPLC was also present. Sulphur Mayor Mike Danahey, Councilwoman Dru Ellender, Councilwoman Joy Abshire, and City Attorney Cade Cole were in the audience. The meeting came to order at 5:34 PM.


The Home Rule Charter was originally passed by the residents of Sulphur in 1984. The members of this commission were appointed at the November 2022 city council meeting to update the Home Rule Charter to coincide with current Louisiana law.

The commissioners are Danny DiPetta, Donna Emmons, Gena Granger, Sid Rosteet, Carla Sigler, Justin Sittig, and Becky Venissat. The commission secretary is Arlene Blanchard. The commission is subject to open meetings law and will report their advised revisions to Sulphur City Council. 


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The agenda was approved without any changes. The Home Rule Charter can be accessed here

Open Discussion with Commissioners

No one present provided public comment. 

The charter will be made available on the Sulphur City website. The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM.

Outcomes | The home rule charter will be delivered to the city council at the April 10 meeting. It will appear on the ballot for the October election.

The commission will host another session on March 27, 2022 at 5:30 PM. Additional special meetings may be scheduled on an as-needed basis

Follow-up questions

How will documents containing the proposed changes to the charter be made available to the public? 

How can the public currently get their questions, comments, and/or concerns to the commission? 

Public input for changes to the Home Rule Charter can be addressed to Messages will be forwarded to all commissioners.

How can residents of Sulphur sign up for notifications from the city?

Sign up here.


Review the changes to the charter

Meeting Agenda

Official minutes from January 23 meeting

Official minutes from January 10 meeting

Read our notes from the January 10 meeting.

Read our notes from December’s meeting.

Sulphur Home Rule Charter

Sulphur Home Rule Charter proposed changes