Agency holding meeting: Calcasieu Parish Police Jury

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023, 5:30 pm

Documenter: Carl M. Ambrose, Jr

The Scene

There was a stream of people with multiple conversations, and pleasantries exchanged as the Budget Committee Meeting ended and people got ready for the Police Jury Meeting.

The meeting was called to order by President Landry, with the Invocation and Pledge led by Mr. Brame. The Jury secretary called roll.  President Landry, Vice-President Brame, Mr. Abshire, Mr. Andrepont, Mr. Bares, Mr. Bartie, Mr. Burleigh, Mr. Guillory, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Marcantel, Mr. Smith, Mr. Stelly, Mr. Tramonte was present.  Mr. Richard was unable to attend.

Engineering and Public Works

The Police Jury Adopted several resolutions by Motion and Second.

District 8, Mr. Brame

  -Approved a Supplemental Agreement to the Agreement with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for removal of the mill, patch and overlay of LA 384 from the State and Federal Aid Projects. Mr. Brame made the motion, and it was seconded by Mr. Abshire. Motion passed with no discussion or objection.

  -Adopted a resolution to approve the Energy Reimbursement Agreement for the Ham Reid Road Extension, with Easton Pipeline, LLC. Mr. Brame made the motion, seconded by Mr. Burleigh, the motion passed with no discussion or objection.

District 9, Mr. Bartie

  -Adopted an ordinance approving the purchase of property with funds from the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program  at 1612 Sage Dr., Lake Charles, La. The motion was made by Mr. Bartie, seconded by Mr. Stelly and passed without discussion or objection.

District 13, Mr. Andrepont

  -Adopted approvals of a Right-of-way to Entergy Louisiana, LLC. for future utility improvements on I-10 North Frontage Road in Sulphur, La. and Burton Complex Hurricane Repair Project to extend the utility lines for the RV site. The first Right-of-way Motion was made by Mr. Andrepont, seconded by Mr. Bares.  The motion on the second Right-of-way was made by Mr. Abshire, seconded by Mr. Bares, with both motions passing with no discussion or objections.


A motion was made by Mr. Burleigh to approve the minutes of the March 2, 2023 Regular Meeting of the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Bartie and passed with no discussion or objections.

The Budget Committee Report was given by Mr. Bartie with the committee issuing the following recommendations:

  -$40,000 be awarded in Economic Development to Chennault Industrial Airpark for the associated cost of the 2023 air show.

  -$70,000 to West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital for the purchase of an air-handler unit.

  -$30,769 to the City of Westlake to equip police cars with computer stations.

  -$100,000 to Fire Protection District NO.1 to purchase a Communication Tower.

  -$236,000 to District3 of Ward seven for a Community Center and Playground.

  -a recommendation of Amending the fiscal year 2023 Budget to reflect deviations, per state law.

Mr. Bartie moved to accept the report and its recommendations, it was seconded by Mr. Andrepont and passed with no discussion or objections.

Mr. Bares then made a motion to adopt the resolution for the purchase of property at 3210 Kirkman St. for an amount equal to or less than the appraised property value.  The seller is Daniel G. Fontenot. The motion by Mr. Bares was seconded by Mr. Bartie and passed with no discussion or objections.

Planning and Development

The Police Jury, on staff recommendation, approved the renewal of liquor and beer permits. The motion to pass was made by  Mr. Richard, seconded by Mr. Stelly. The motion passed with no discussion or objections.

There was on ordinance of condemnation adopted for a manufactured home owned by Ashley Nicole Vincent, located at 244 Gaylynn Dr., Sulphur, La. Mr. Tramonte made the motion for demolition which was seconded by Mr. Bares. After Mr. Landry verified that no one was present to speak on the property, the motion to condemn passed with no discussion or objects and will be removed within 30 days.

 The Police Jury also adopted a resolution approving a Partnership Agreement with The Workforce Development Board to define the responsibilities, roles, authority of the Board and Police Jury, which includes any procedural implementations of the local plan. The motion to pass was made by Mr. Guillory, seconded by Mr. Bartie.


The motion to “Approve payment of all current Invoice” was made by Mr. Andrepont and seconded by Mr. Lewis.  The motion passed with no discussion or objections. The Police Jury also passed a resolution to accept the staff recommended bid for the Intracoastal Park Hurricane Repair Project, from Hackley Enterprises, LLC. in the amount of $536,884.00. The motion was made by Mr. Bares, seconded by Mr. Bartie and passed with no discussion or objections and a big “thanks” from Mr. Bares.

Board appointments

The first Item, the appointment to the Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority was tabled due to inactivity of the Board. Ms. Cheryl Nadine Blake was appointed to replace Ms. Janet Fontenot who retired, on the Calcasieu Parish Children and Youth Planning Board. The motion by Mr. Bartie and seconded by Mr. Guillory passed with no discussion or objections.

Mr. Stelly said that Mr. Brandon James Perkins who was on the Recreation District No. One had moved out of the district. 


One of the final actions of the Police Jury was to issue condolences to the family of Mary Leva “Vee” McNabb.  The motion to pass was made by Mr. Bares, seconded by Mr. Tramonte, the motion passed.  Mr. Bares, Mr. Andrepont and Mr. Tramonte all spoke glowing of Ms.Vee with Mr. Tramonte saying,” Ms. Vee was a staple in our community for a long time, she owned Vee’s Donuts that I frequent quite often(looking down at himself to the laughter of those assembled).  She was a sweet lady that raised some wonderful children.” Mr. Bares described her as,”a small person with a huge personality”  Mr. Andrepont said,”Truly a sweet lady…, many people could tell many stories, such a sweet lady.”

The other resolution of condolences adopted was for local radio personality Russell Wayne “Buddy Russ” Conrad. The motion to pass was made by Mr. Bares and seconded by Mr. Brame.  Mr. Bares related some of his thoughts about his personal relationship with Russ, saying,” My kids thought that I was so cool because I knew Buddy Russ.” He spoke about the fact that Russ was being laid to rest on his birthday, as he spoke.  It was a touching tribute for a man as Mr. Bares said, “Had a Big Personality”. Motion passed with no objection.

Mr. Landry wished all a Happy Easter and the meeting was adjourned.


You can find the agenda for the meeting here: