Our information ecosystems are changing just as quickly as our natural and built ones are. The journalism industry is consolidating, leaving huge swaths of this region without consistent news coverage. Disinformation from industry, politicians, and social media runs rampant, leaving people confused, distrustful, and ill-informed. This is especially true of issues including fossil fuels, renewable energy, economic projects, and environmental policy.   

Building trust, telling the full truth of a place, and making information more accessible is a huge task—and we cannot do it alone. We collaborate with community partners— local organizations and civic institutions that work with us to create and distribute that information.

Reach out community@southerlymag.wpcomstaging.com if you’re interested in working together.

For journalism outlets

When our values align, we work with media partners on stories and projects. Local and regional news outlets sometimes don’t have the resources, expertise, or time to cover environmental justice consistently, or need to better connect with underserved audiences. We want to support that work and share resources, while learning more about those places and people.

We are eager to collaborate with outlets of all types: non-profit, for-profit, co-op, as well as a variety of mediums, i.e. radio, print, digital, video. We’re flexible in how these partnerships work, and what they can look like.  

Here are some of the outlets we’ve worked with:

For non-journalism organizations

Each step of the way, we always work with community partners—nonprofit organizations, citizens’ groups, and local residents, activists, and leaders—to better understand what people need, want, and find most useful and urgent. 

We can have impact in our communities, together:

Stories: Reporting based on responses from community members; partnerships with local news outlets based on needs and shared expertise

Offline resources: Distribution partnerships; in-person workshops and listening sessions; SMS-based outreach

Online resources: Zoom panels and listening sessions; shareable PDFs, printouts of stories/resources; online spaces to share ideas, solutions, and information

Data gathering and public records: Civic engagement partnerships with trusted institutions; training for community members on how to gather and use public data; making data more easily accessible

Here are some of the organizations we’ve worked with: