Documenter: Tracy E. Antoine

Agency holding meeting: Calcasieu Parish School Board

Date: March 14, 2023


The CPSB voted on issues, ranging from funding for three Calcasieu Parish schools, recognizing student and teacher achievements, to ITEP funding for different projects. 

The Scene

There were 71 members of the public at the meeting. The atmosphere was cheerful and busy as students and other groups walked in. 

The meeting was called to order by Russell Castille, President.

Mary Fontenot gave the invocation and led the pledge of allegiance.

Attendance was called by Superintendent LaFargue,all members were present with the exception of CPSB member Eric Tarver.

A motion by Mr. Hardesty and seconded by Mr. Breaux for the approval of the meeting Minutes from February 14, 2023. 


Dr. Lafourche introduced Dir. Jamey Raspberry of Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Sports Medicine and Dr. Brian Harold, Head of the Physicians that work with the athletic trainers . Mr. Raspberry read the report summary of the services provided to student athletes in Calcasieu Parish, from Nov 1, 2022, through Jan 31, 2023. Mr. Raspberry and Dr. Harold announced the members of their staff that have been recognized by the MHSP program and those being honored by the National Athletic Trainers for March 2023. Mr. Aaron McDonald who works as a certified athletic trainer, a CPSB employee, and head of the Calcasieu Parish transportation department. Mr.Raspberry also honored Mrs. Alexis Hamer who is a full-time member of MHSM, who is responsible for providing services to Dequincy student athletes, and Mr. Alex Goodly, who is also a certified athletic trainer and a teacher for CPSB, teaches Sports Medicine Curriculum at the Career Center. 

Alex Goodly will be inducted into the Louisiana Athletic Training Hall of Fame in June 2023.

Mr. Tony McCardle recognized Ms. Regina Smart (FFA teacher) and her students Jamira Guillory and Gracie Evans of Westlake High School, who competed in the National FFA Convention, placing 7th with Gold Level Distinction in October 2022.

Kacie Pugh, Elementary Senior Consultant honored the Students of the Year:

  • Elementary Division Winner

Caroline Jolie Harrison

Western Heights Elementary

  • Elementary Division Runner-Up

Ava May Alcock 

T.S. Cooley Elementary

  • Middle School Division Winner 

Brooke Taylor Broussard 

F.K. White Middle School

  • Middle School Division Runner-Up

Allie Lyn Winters 

LeBlanc Middle School

  • High School Division Winner

Jacob Jerome St. Mary

Barbe High School

  • High School Division Runner-Up

Alicia Lucille Powell

Washington-Marion High School

Other award recipients were for the LSBA Art Contest. The First Place Winner is Isabel Palade from W.W. Lewis Middle School.

Students with the Tellurian LEAD Program, from Sulphur High and Washington- Marion gave a presentation showing their accomplishments as well as the services they have provided within the community, for the 2022-2023 school year.

Dr. Lafargue read the Superintendent’s Report which included the  Policy Council Meeting held on February 27, 2023. The topics approved were January 2023 minutes, February’s Director’s reports, February’s attendance and financial report, and the Head Start Carryover Funding. Dr.Lafargue reminded the CPSB Members that the required online Cyber Security Course’s deadline for completion is March 20, 2023, and to submit the certification to Ms. Peggy. 

Dr.Lafargue said, “a reminder to board members that Jim Roth of Lake Area Industry Alliance is offering board members opportunities to speak to and be provided an explanation of how ITEP works and its purpose.”

Dr. Lafargue concluded his report, opening the floor to board members with questions.

Ms. Ayo asked, “I went over the financial reports. I have a question about the interest that we make on the $20,000,000 that sits in our ‘Rainy Day Fund’. My question is how much do we make on that and where does it go?”

Mr. Barne walked to the podium and responded, “first off, it’s not as you might think. The funds that we have in there provides for everything we do for the school. We don’t keep that in a separate account. So, $20,000,000 is really a reservation of our fund balance to represent the amount that we’re going to use for the schools from day to day.”

There was further discussion between Mr. Barnes and Ms.Ayo regarding how the fund balance and accrued interest is calculated and distributed.

Mr.Barne invited Ms. Ayo to sit with him, so that he could show her on paper how the account is set up.

Billy Breaux,Chair asked, “could we, through accounting still distribute that money, the interest on that money, to staff in the future?”

Mr. Barne said, ”We don’t do a separate calculation for that, again, it’s all pooled together within the fund. We have a separate accounting fund that tracks one of the sales taxes that we have. The one that we passed in 1995 was set up to track a separate fund so it’s actually in the general fund and I have a worksheet that I use to track that.”

Mr. Barne concluded, “I really just don’t have a good way to calculate that particular amount of money is what I’m getting at. It’s conglomerated in everything that’s in the general fund.”

Mr. Wallace asked, “Will that fall under the question just asked, indirect cost for different funding that we receive, how does that calculate into what you just described, is that something we see and know about, an indirect cost of funds received?”

Mr. Barne said, “The state does the calculation, but the money essentially offsets the cost incurred by CPSB.”

Committee Reports

Billy Breaux, chair, stated, “The CPSB Employee Benefits committee met on March 9,2023. At that time Ms. Sonnier and Mr. Gregor, with HUD, presented the first agenda item presentation that was approved: Health Insurance Benefits for May 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024. A premium history was presented over the past    The insurance for CPSB teachers will increase to $1250 deductible, with an out-of-pocket of $4000. 

Other policies and decisions

  • Approval of Resolution to retain Stutes & LaVergne Law Firm as Special Counsel regarding CPSB Sales Tax and LC-LA Hospitality, LLC.

Mr. Hardesty made a motion to approve. Mr.O’Banion seconded. The members voted and passed the request.

 Mr. Hardest(Y) made a motion to approve. Mr. Roberts seconded, unanimous approval to pass.

  • Approval of ITEP request/Crying Eagle Brewery/ITEP application #20220397-ITE. 

Eric Avery, owner, spoke on behalf of this request. Avery asked the council for a grant of $10,000 to aid in the development of a new Crying Eagle Brewery on the restructure of the Calcasieu Lakefront project.

  • Approval of ITEP request/LACC,LLC/ITEP application #20210171-ITEP
  • Approval of ITEP request for Indorama Ventures Olifens/ITEP application#20210171
  • Approval of Entergy Right of Way/Carlyss area is subject to final attorney approval of agreement wording of Public Notice published in Lake Charles American Press on March 23, 2023, and March 8, 2023.
  • Approval of Port Arthur Pipeline, LLC, Right of Way, Carlyss area is subject to final attorney approval of agreement wording of Public Notice published in Lake Charles American Press on March 7, 2023, and March 9, 2023.

Permission to Advertise and the Hurricane Bid Reports for Ratification had none on the agenda.


Two bid reports were made, one for Maplewood Middle and Elementary Schools for a new two–story classroom. The second was a request for fund from the Funds by School Food Services Department for sSmall kKitchen eqEquipment for LaGrange and Sulphur High Schools.

Change Order Number Two (2) was unanimously approved for an increase of funds in the amount $9,385.00 for Barbe HS Baseball Field Turf Upgrade”; Brossett Architect, LLC; Architect; T3 Global Project, LLC; Contractor; Barbe High School Baseball Program Funding.

The second Change Order Number Three (3), requested and approved for the project, “Barbe HS Baseball Field Turf Upgrade”; Brossett Architect, LLC; T3 Global Project, LLC; Contractor; Barbe High School Baseball Program funding with an Increase of $55,511.00

There was also a recommendation of acceptance to proceed with Head Start Improvements Phase III. The Head Start Program provides an integrated approach of early childhood care and education that includes comprehensive services to four hundred fifty (450) children ages 3 and 4. A motion was made and seconded. The council voted with unanimous approval.

Condolences and Recognitions 

Ms. Ayo expressed her condolences for Calcasieu Parish Bus Driver, Shannon Boudreaux. Ms. Ayo also recognized Art Teacher Jennifer Cormier. What was Cormier recognized for?

Other condolences were given to Lydia Culligan, whose husband passed away and Mike Arceneaux whose Father-in-laws also passed away.

Mr. Pichon asked to send a letter of recognition to F.K White Middle School’s Wolverine Robotics team and coach Sandra Hayes. ( What are they being recognized for?)

The Committee Budget meeting is set for March 28, 2023.

Motion to adjourn CPSB meeting 3/14/2023 was made, seconded, and approved at 7:07 p.m.