Agency holding meeting: Calcasieu Parish Police Jury 

Location: Parish Government Building, Police Jury Chambers

Date: Thursday, March 2, 2023, 5:30 PM

Documenter: Carl M. Ambrose, Jr.


The police jury condemned several structures, accepted bids on furniture for several libraries, and accepted several projects as substantially complete.

The Scene

A small crowd gathered outside the Police Jury chambers as the 5 PM  Solid Waste and Litter Abatement Committee meeting came to an end. Several police jurors shook hands and spoke with those awaiting to enter the chambers. The crowd filled one third of the chambers. 

The meeting was called to order by President Landry.  Mr. Abshire led the Invocation and the Pledge. The clerk conducted a roll call.  President Landry, Vice-President Brame, Mr. Abshire, Mr. Andrepont, Mr. Bares, Mr. Bartie, Mr. Burleigh, Mr. Guillory, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Marcantel, Mr. Richard, Mr. Smith, Mr. Stelly, and Mr. Tramonte were all present. 

Engineering and public works

A resolution was approved for an Act of Donation Agreement to extend Metzger Road as part of future projects from Lacey Heath Buford and Jennifer Dawn Buford to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury.  There was an amendment to a contract with Aucoin & Associates, Inc. for additional services related to the Big Woods -Starks Replacement Project, and an amendment for the approval of an extension of term agreement the parish has with the Stream Family Trust, LLC., as it relates to the Coach Williams Drive Extension Project.  A resolution for approving an amendment to the agreement with C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC.  to extend the term for compiling and updating the GIS system.

These were all passed by consent separately with no further discussion. 


The Office of Administration requested the approval of the minutes from the February 2, 2023 meeting and March 2 Solid Waste and Litter Abatement Committee report. The chair, Mr. Marcantel, briefly summarized the meeting and some of the things accomplished with the “Pick It Up Calcasieu Litter Initiative ” and the “Pick It Up Spring Clean-Up” scheduled for April 17-23.  Also included was a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between Smoke & Barrel, Inc. for the annual Smoke & Barrel Celebration of Fine Bourbon, BBQ & Whiskey held in December on the grounds of Historic City Hall.

These were passed by consent separately with no further discussion.

Planning and development

The Jury approved several applications for liquor and beer permits per staff recommendations; one special event permit, one new application, and one renewal.

Two executive orders were extended. Order 2020-09A waived zoning fees and restrictions for temporary dwelling units resulting from Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The extension is through June 28, 2023. Mr. Burleigh asked, “Is there an end date?” and Mr. Crane advised that they have been reaching out to FEMA to clarify the matter, “We have about 90 properties on the list this affects…we’ll be reaching out to FEMA.”

The other order, 2020-15, waived the elevation requirements due to the hurricanes. Mr. Marcantel asked Mr. Crane for some clarity, to which Mr. Crane stated that this related to damaged buildings.

These were all passed by consent separately. 

Human services

A motion passed by consent to acknowledge acceptance of the minutes of the Calcasieu Parish Human Services Advisory Board from the October 18, 2022 meeting.


The Jury approved the payment of all current invoices.

The Police Jury Accepted bids of Arnold & Associates Interiors, Inc., Frost-Barber of Louisiana, LLC, and Library Interiors, Inc. for Library Furniture and shelving for Carnegie/Genealogy, Central, Hayes, and Starks libraries.

Resolutions accepting the Overlaying of Various Roads, the DeQuincy Library Renovation and Hurricane Repair Project, and the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Hurricane Demolition Project, all as substantially complete.

A resolution for acceptance of the Bell City School Sidewalk Project was included.  

A resolution to rescind a previous resolution accepting the 3001 Industrial Avenue Hurricane Project as substantially complete. Mr. Landry asked for an explanation, and Mr. Beam explained that there was a clerical error and that the prior acceptance was done prematurely. In addition, there were resolutions to advertise bids for Pest Control Services and the Clearfield Ranch Subdivision Waterline Installation Project for Waterworks District No. Five of Wards Three and Eight, Mallard Junction. 

Mr. Bares noted that before the new overlay projects get started, all the orange cones and signs could be picked up in the parish because grass-cutting and maintenance are about to start.

Board appointments

Ms. Susan G. Viccellio and Mr. Mason Lindsay were reappointed to the Calcasieu Parish Public Safety Communications District. Mr. Kenny Domingue was reappointed to Ward Four Fire Protection District No. Two, and Mr. Steve Belshe was appointed to the Waterworks District No. Nine of Ward Four to replace Mr. Larry Mouton, who resigned.

Mr. Bares spoke about Mr. Mouton and all his work since being one of the original board members and thanked him for his service to the parish.  Mr. Andrepont spoke highly about Mr. Mouton. 

Dr. Gisele McKinney Hawkins was appointed to the Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority.

Mr. Landry made a brief announcement about the new QR code that the parish now has.  You can scan the code, and the agenda appears on your phone. You can see the code as you enter the chambers.

Public hearings on demolitions 

Mr. Landry began the Public Hearing for the structures whose owners need to show cause as to why they should not be condemned.  The following structures were on the agenda.

  -1100 PARK ROAD, Moss Bluff, one manufactured home, Owner, SamanthaAnn Pilley

  -1080 PARK ROAD, Moss Bluff, one manufactured home, Owner, Dennis Joseph Bertrand

  -4909 OPELOUSAS STREET, Lake Charles, one house and one accessory building, owner, 

   Jefferson Roberson, et ux, c/o Gloria Roberson

  -7625 LING ROAD, Lake Charles, one manufactured home.  Owner, Reginald Glenn Fontenot

  -9248 GULF HIGHWAY, Lake Charles, one house, Owner, Angela Dawn Hebert

  A motion to condemn this one was on the floor when the owner was recognized and came to the podium. Mrs. Hebert stated that no one ever entered the home and needed to find out where the pictures came from. Mr. Landry called Mr. Robinson to speak, and he advised that he did enter the home, saying, “I entered through  the front door and went right in; several cats were living in the home.” He also stated that he took the pictures. Mr. Stelly asked what the plans for the home were. 

Mrs. Heber said that Restore Louisiana had inspected the house, and they were waiting on the assessment, whether to renovate or demolish. Mr. Stelly asked about the given time frame, to which Mrs. Hebert said she was told about three months. Mr. Stelly motioned to defer for 30 days to allow for correspondence with the state. 

Mr. Landry referred to Mr. Crane, who agreed. After discussing securing the property initiated by Mr. Bares, Mr. Robinson was again at the podium explaining how he entered, which was actually through what he said was a “wide open” side door.  Mr. Robinson acknowledged never knocking on the camper door behind the structure. The motion to condemn was rescinded, and Mr. Stelly’s motion to defer was accepted.

  -6602 FAIRDALE ROAD, Lake Charles, one house, Owner, Nicolas Trevor Kittrell

An attorney representing J.D. bank said to “give them a heads up that the property was in litigation,” and they are lien holders on the property. The discussion centered around the “forced place policy.” Mr. Abshire asked if the policy would cover the damages. Also, he was told he didn’t have that information right now, but he thinks it would cover the repairs. Mr. Marcantel asked how long the attorney had been litigating this; he said two years. 

Mr. Marcantel then asked,” Are you looking forward to it continuing?” The attorney said,      “Yes.”  Mr. Bartie asked the parish attorney for clarity for their actions based on what was just presented.  The attorney said that “the banking laws are of no concern to you tonight. Your decision is whether are, not this structure needs to be condemned or not that’s the issue before you.”  Mr. Andrepont spoke in support of  Mr. Barty’s motion to condemn, citing ongoing litigation.  Mr. Abshire asked Mr. Robinson about the condition of the house. Mr. Robinson referred to the pictures, showing all the windows busted, holes in the ceiling, and mold.  Motion to condemn passed by consent.

  -7327 DELCOMME STREET, Lake Charles, one accessory building, Owner, Amery Gaspard, Jr.

  -4313 HIGHWAY 27 SOUTH, Carlyss, one metal commercial building, Owner, Mark Randall Sutherland

  -3049 WIMBERLY DRIVE, Vinton, one house, Owner, Michael John Powers, 

  -208 RED ROSE DRIVE, Carlyss, one manufactured home, Owner, Denise Robinson Lamb

  -7077 STARBOARD DRIVE, Carlyss, one house, Owner, Ricky Lane Leger

  -3145 DAVIS ROAD, Westlake, one manufactured home, Owner, Darrell Bertrand

  -204 A-D PONDEROSA ROAD, Westlake, two manufactured homes, two accessory buildings, 

   Owner, Barbara Ann Swire Thomas

  -680 GOSS ROAD, Westlake, one manufactured home, Owner, Arthur Keith Monceaux

  -2606 AGNES LANE, Sulphur, one manufactured home and one accessory building, Owner, Raymond J. Pierce

  -4125 RUSSELL STREET, Sulphur, one house, Owner, Stephanie Jane Koonce

The motion to condemn and remove within 30 days was accepted by consent separately for each.

Other items

Mr. Richard gave condolences to the Calderara family; Mrs. Mary Lou Calderara, an educator, passed.

Mr. Andrepont thanked and recognized Mr. Robinson for his hard work and dedication.

Mr. Guillory spoke about the drive-thru rabies vaccinations at Burton Coliseum.

Mr. Landry accepted a motion for adjournment.


The agenda can be found here: