Documenter: Tracy E. Antoine 

Agency holding meeting: Calcasieu Parish School Board 

Date: February 14, 2023 


No new hurricane bid reports were offered. The board honored students and faculty, and voted on school grants, school board training and funding advertisements. 

The Scene 

Approximately 31-35 citizens and council members were present. The attendees appeared cheerful and friendly. 

The Calcasieu Parish School Board meeting began at 5:00 p.m. Desmond Wallace said the prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was completed with all council members present, except one (Aaron Natali) council members present were: Phyllis Ayo, Tony O’Banion, Karen Hardy McReynolds, Mary Fontenot, Shawn Baumgarten, Eric Tarver, Russell Castille, Billy Breaux, Dean Roberts, Betty Washington, Damon Hardesty, Desmond Wallace, Patrick Pichon, and Glenda Gay. The minutes from the January 10, 2023 CPSB meeting were approved. 

Training and recognitions

The ‘Presentations’ recognized the following: Tony McCardles, recipient of the Outstanding Music Educator Award. Kim Burcham (A.A. Nelson Elem.), Tiffany Boss (F.K. White Middle), and Laura Denise Manuel (Dequincy High School). Tiffany was also awarded the overall District Librarian of the Year. Lastly, Jamira Guillory and Gracie Evans of Westlake High FFA and the National FFA Convention place 7th with Gold Level Distinction honorees Tony McCardle and Regina Smith. 

Superintendent Shannon LaFargue announced that as of December 2022, all board members have completed one hour of mandatory ethics training. CPSB members: Desmond Wallace, Damon Hardesty, and Glenda Gay completed the required 6 hours of annual training. 

Glenda Gay was presented with a certificate from the LSDA for voluntarily completing 16 hours of training in 2019 and 6 hours of training each subsequent year. This award recognized Ms. Gay as a Distinguished School Board Member for the 2019-2022 term.


The Executive Session started at 5:19 p.m. 

The regular CPSB session re-convened at 5:57 p.m. Chair Damon Hardesty went over the committee reports for C & I Committee (Jan.31, 2023). 

  • The approval of February 17- 18 auction on surplus goods, approval of School Board Member Training Resolution/Act 705
  • Approval of Head Start Grant Award/$4,340,792.00 
  • The consideration of a resolution recommending term modification of Indorama ITEP agreement #20180403- ITE and #20180403 -A-ITE.
  • The Approval of Entergy Right of Way—Carlyss area and the Chennault area—is subject to final attorney approval of agreement wording. 

Policies and decisions

  • The council voted on a ‘Permission to Advertise’ motion. The agenda asked for the General Fund and Food Services items (A: ID Card Printers, B: Milk, Produce, & Bread Bid, C:Janitorial Supplies, D: Bulk Oil-Bid). 
  • The Bid Reports were read and all motions passed.
  • Hurricane Bid Reports for Ratification, no discussion, objection, or motion. 

The below correspondence (A-L) refers to the restorations and development projects of specific schools in specific districts. They list what the project is and what the contractor cost will be for each. Also listed are proposed improvements for specific schools and recommendations for acceptance. Billy Breaux read this during the meeting:

A. Change Order Number Three (3) for the project, “Phase 3 improvements/classroom addition/Molo Middle School” District 31 Bond Funds; Ellender Architects & Associates, LLC., Designer; K&J Development of SWLA, LLC., Contractor; Decrease of $52,244.00.

B. Change Order Number One (1) for the project, “Admin Area Modifications/Maplewood Middle and Elementary” District 23 Bond Funds; Ellender Architects & Associates, LLC., Designer; Ryder & Ryder, LTD., Contractor; Increase of One hundred forty-six (146) days.

C. Change Order Number One (1) for the project, “Entry lobby addition & new paved parking /Washington-Marion High School” District 31 Bond Funds; Ellender Architects & Associates, LLC., Designer;Pat Williams Construction. LLC., Contractors; Increase of Two hundred and three (203) days.

D. Change Order Number Two (2) for the project, “Sam Houston High School Courtyard Improvements” Sales Tax District 3 Funds; Champeaux, Evans, Evans, Hotard, APAC, Designer; K&J Development of SWLA, LLA., Contractor; Increase of One hundred seventeen (117) days.

E. Change Order Number One (1) revised, “Additions to Westlake High School” District 23 Bond Funds; Barry King, AIA,. Designer; Ryder and Ryder, Contractor; Increase of $17,045.89 and Increase of Eight (8) days.

F. Change of Order Number One (1) for the project, “Westwood Elementary Gymnasium Rebid” District 23 Bond Funds; Bary King, AIA, designer; K&J Development of SWLA, LLC., Contractor; Increase of $12, 447.00. 

G. Change of Order Number Two (2) for the project, “Westwood Elementary Gymnasium Rebid” District 23 Bond Funds; Barry King, AIA, Designer; K&J Development of SWLA, LLC., Contractor; Increase of $13,803.00 and Increase of twenty-one (21) days

H. Beneficial Occupancy/Phase 5/Entry lobby addition and new paved parking/Washington-Marion High School. 

I. Recommendation of Acceptance/Iowa High School Baseball-Softball Artificial Turf/ Infield and Foul Grounds

J. Recommendation of Acceptance/ Phase 3 Improvements/Classroom addition to existing pod/ Molo Middle School

K. Beneficial Occupancy/Sam Houston High School Courtyard Improvements

L. Recommendation of Acceptance/Sam Houston High School Courtyard Improvements

In the case of Correspondences: A, C, H  Council Member Glenda Gay stated, “the progress that’s moving so rapidly in bonding District 31, Mrs. Karen Hardy McReynolds is representing boding District 31, with myself and to the chair, I think that she and I should have the opportunity to meet and visit these things that are going on because for a very long time before Mr. Hardy left, he would provide us the information on the progress and how the projects were going and bonding District 31, Mrs. McReynolds and myself represent that district and I’m not prepared to vote on these increases because we’ve actually been at a standstill on these two schools in that district Washington Marion High School and Molo Middle School, and I would ask for an opportunity for the two of us to meet because these projects at these two schools have lagged so long, and here we are, at what, the second meeting of the new term of board members and they’re moving very rapidly. After further discussion between Ms. Gay, Mrs. McReynold, Dr. LaFargue, and Mr. Hardesty,  regarding any Correspondence of bonding District 31 all members voted on A-L and passed. 


Marie Jowles, Bobby Soche, Anitha Williams and Charlotte Guidry.


Candace Gotreaux, Dequincy High State Champion in Wrestling. 

Washington Marion’s boys’ soccer team for making it through the first round of playoffs and the girls’ basketball team for making it to the first round picks


The CPSB meeting is March 13, 2023 and the Budget Committee will meet March 28, 2023.

February 14, 2023 CPSB meeting adjourned at 6:39 p.m.