Agency holding meeting: Calcasieu Parish Police Jury

Location: Calcasieu Parish Government Building

Police Jury Chambers 

Date: Thursday, February 16, 2023, 5:30 PM

Documenter: Carl M. Ambrose, Jr.


The police jury meeting focused on proposed demolitions.

The Scene

There were several ongoing conversations before the start of the meeting and the mood was light, with few people in attendance. 

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Landry, and Mr. Tony Guillory led the Invocation and Pledge. The Clerk called the roll, Mr. Landry, Vice-President Brame, Mr. Abshire, Mr. Andrepont, Mr. Bares, Mr. Bartie, Mr. Burleigh, Mr. Guillory, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Marcantel, Mr. Richard, Mr. Smith, Mr. Stelly, Mr. Tramonte all present.

Planning and development

The staff recommended the renewal of two liquor and beer permits and one special event liquor and permit.


The jury adopted an ordinance to condemn and demolish a mobile home at 2404 Gaylynn Drive, Sulphur; owner is Ashley Nicole Vincent. This was deferred for 30 days at the January 19, 2023 public hearing. 

Mr. Tramonte motioned for a deferral of 30 days, and Mr. Stelly seconded it. President Landry asked if there was any discussion or objection; Mr. Bares asked and was recognized and asked Mr. Crane, “Wes, did they get up? Did they get with you in the time allotted?” Mr. Crane replied, “No sir, they just did today…we tried to reach out to them early on.” Mr. Bares interjected, “Are they here?” President Landry said, “Yeah, if I could, is there anyone in the audience that wishes to speak on 2404 Gaylynn Dr.? Ok, come on up, sir, and please state your name and address for the record.”  

Mr. Michael Vincent came up to the podium and, after saying his name and address, began to address the police jury. Mr. Bares referred to the prior deferral and the items to be addressed, then asked,”…We haven’t heard from you until today. Why should I defer this? I’m having a hard time.” Mr. Vincent then explained that he’s been having a hard time obtaining the permits for various things, with the latest being the septic tank, “They send me here, then there, I don’t know, I’m just lost.”  Mr. Landry interjected, “Ok,” and then allowed Mr. Crane to address the issue. Mr. Crane explained that with a manufactured home, any repairs would have to be inspected by the state Fire Marshall’s Office, and that would be the first thing needed. “At this point, we can’t go forward because we don’t know what the Fire Marshall is going to require, my suggestion is that is the first place to contact, and we go from there.” 

“Go with Mr. Tramonte because it’s his district,” Bares said, “but you got to get this done. There are people here to help you.” Mr. Landry then told Mr. Vincent that he had to get with Mr. Crane’s staff and give them a list of what he would do…” After more discussion between Mr. Brame and Mr. Crane concerning the first steps, Mr. Crane explained why the state Fire Marshall needed to be contacted. There was structural damage to a home by a tree. It has been repaired but has to be inspected to ensure it meets the requirements for a permit to be issued. Mr. Brame ensured that Mr. Vincent understood what Mr. Crane explained. Mr. Tramonte said he would help since he had just dealt with them for his daughter, but emphasized the urgency he needed to act and asked if it could be moved to the April 4, 2023 meeting; the motion passed. Mr. Landry advised if he had any problems, to contact Mr. Tramonte or Mr. Crane.

Then, there was an ordinance authorizing the Division of Planning and Development’s Director to notify the property owner to appear at the public hearing scheduled for April 4, 2023, to show cause why said structures should not be condemned and demolished. The measure passed by motion for the following structures:

  -1868 MARLIN ROAD, Moss Bluff, one manufactured home with addition

    Owner: Brian Keith George, 1868 Marlin Road, Lake Charles, LA 70611  

  -558 MORROW ROAD, Moss Bluff, one house

   Owner: Frederick Lyn Franklin, Sr., 2219 Lilly Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601

  -4020 THORNTON STREET, Lake Charles, one house

   Owner, Monica Lynn Collins, 939 Cathy Street, Lake Charles, LA 70615

  -4001 SENATOR J. BENNETT JOHNSTON AVENUE, Lake Charles, one commercial building  

   Owner, Rentier, LLC, 100 Avenue J, Lake Charles, LA 70615

  -308 PREMIUM ROAD, Lake Charles, one manufactured home

   Owner, David Sugandi, 314 Premium Road, Lake Charles, LA 70607

  -2431 SALMON STREET, Lake Charles, one manufactured home

   Owner, Darrell Ray Seaward, Jr., 562 West Friesen Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605

  -2408 GREENLAWN STREET, Lake Charles, one house 

   Owner, Floyd Henry Augustine, 2404 Greenlawn Street, Lake Charles, LA 70605 

  -8951 GULF HIGHWAY, Lake Charles, one house 

   Owner, John Marvin Richard, 8951 Gulf Highway, Lake Charles, LA 70607

  -7572 COPPERLEAF DRIVE, Lake Charles, one manufactured home and one accessory building

   Owner, 99% Interest – Richard Allen Laubach (Estate) c/o Dawn Chapman,

   43106 Sycamore Bend Avenue, Gonzales, LA 70737 TA #01357109, 

   1% Interest – Maxine M. Dunn, 920 Cherrydale Street, Lake Charles, LA 70607 

  -2759 AMBER SKY ROAD, Lake Charles, one manufactured home

   Owner, Stewart Charles Greathouse, 1331 East Lincoln Road, Lake Charles, LA 70607

  -100 HEREFORD DRIVE, Topsy, one manufactured home

   Owner, Larry Wayne Duplichan, 102 Hereford Drive, Ragley, LA 70657

  -102 HEREFORD DRIVE, Topsy, one manufactured home

   Owner, Larry Wayne Duplichan, 102 Hereford Drive, Ragley, LA 70657

  -3584 ST. LUKE LANE, Sulphur, one house, and one accessory building

   Owner: William Keith Gilley, 3584 St. Luke Lane, Sulphur, LA 70663

  -1930 JACOBSON ROAD, Carlyss, one detached garage building

   Owner: Federal National Mortgage Association, P. O. Box 650043, Dallas, TX 75265

  -2768 AVONDALE STREET, Sulphur, one manufactured home,  

   Owner, Shirley Jean McWilliams Moore, 2768 Avondale Street, Sulphur, LA 70663

  -3909 EAST BURTON STREET, Mossville, one house, Owner, Richard D. Dotson

   c/o Reellis Dotson-Newman, Administrator, 620 Lakeview Circle, Petaluma, CA 94954

  -3949 OLD SPANISH TRAIL, Mossville, one house, Owner, Wesley John Montgomery,

   c/o Treyella Harmon, 1519 1st Avenue, Lake Charles, LA 70601

  -2664 MILLER AVENUE, Westlake, one house, one manufactured home,

    and one accessory building Owner, Kiran Kumar Kaluturi, 5718 East  

   Dietrich Loop, LakeCharles, LA   70605

  -2305 GAYLYNN DRIVE, Sulphur, one manufactured home. 

   Owner, Percy Lee LaPoint, II, 2315 Gaylynn Drive, Sulphur, LA 70665 

  -3936 WRIGHT ROAD, Carlyss, one house, and one accessory building.

   Owner: Sunset Carey Estate, 3936 Wright Road, Sulphur, LA 70665


The minutes of the Police Jury’s January 19, 2023, Regular meeting were approved.


A motion was passed to approve the Compliance Questionnaire associated with the Police Jury’s 2022 audit, as well as authorize the execution of all the documents related to it.

Human services

The Police Jury approved and acknowledged the submission of the minutes from June 21, 2022, August 19, 2022, and December 20, 2022, meetings of the Calcasieu Parish Human Services Advisory Board.


  • The payment of all current invoices was approved.  
  • The Parish Purchasing Agent was authorized to accept bids for vehicles and equipment by the Police Jury’s various departments and for Project Management Software for use by the Engineering Division, Public Works, and Facilities Management. 
  • The adoption of resolutions acknowledging the work as substantially complete was passed and accepted for the Central Library Hurricane Repair Project, Moss Bluff Library Hurricane Repair Project, and the 3001 Industrial Ave. Hurricane Project.


Mr. Stelly authored a resolution of condolences for the family of the late Orgy Broussard.

The meeting was adjourned.


The meeting agenda can be found here: