Documenter name: Tracy E. Antoine

Agency holding meeting: DeQuincy City Council 

Date: February 13, 2023


The council voted on 15 issues, ranging from property demolition to the restoration of the DeQuincy Railroad Museum.

The Scene

The atmosphere was casual and friendly, while the public spoke freely with different council members.


The DeQuincy City Hall Meeting commenced at 5:58 p.m. Mayor Riley Smith prayed and led the pledge of allegiance. Attendance was conducted by Patricia Brummett, city clerk. Council members present were Scott Wiley, Eddie Dahlquist, Jim Smith, Margret Brown and Cameron Smith. Cameron, son of Mayor Riley Smith, will serve on the city council as the representative of District 2.

Mr. Dahlquist asked Mayor Smith if he had any reports. Mayor Smith commented on the LMA (Louisiana Municipalities Association) Workshop he and others from the board had attended.

First on the agenda was approval of the January 9, 2023 regular meeting minutes. Mayor R. Smith approved. Second on the agenda was approval of an agenda regarding funding disbursement for Dequincy Finance, Fire, Police Code Enforcement, Public Works, and Sewer. The council voted and agreed unanimously on the agenda. All members agreed upon the February 13, 2023 agenda. 

Mayor Smith went over the budget and stated that the repairs to the Dequincy Railroad Museum has been a priority.

The floor was opened to the public for input. There was no discussion from the public regarding the item being on the agenda. 

Property demolitions

F.B. Whitman addressed the variance in size of purchasing a mobile home, smaller than 924 square feet, to place on property within the city limits. There was a motion to allow a smaller RV unit, which was unanimously agreed upon. 

There was also a motion to proceed with the next step in the condemnation process of the structure located at 1001 Richard Allen St. All council members unanimously agreed. The council also agreed to begin a condemnation process on a structure located at 522 Beech Street.

Meeting time change

The council held a public hearing to change the city council meetings from 6:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., based on a proposal from the mayor. There was no discussion or disapproval from the public. They adopted that ordinance. 

New fees for public records

Pat Brummett, the City Clerk, spoke about setting fees for public record requests. This was approved unanimously. 

Other action items

Next, the council adopted a resolution informing the Louisiana DEQ that the city will continue maintaining the wastewater treatment plant and continue required analytical analysis in accordance with current LDEQ permit, including monthly monitoring of influent CBOD. All members unanimously agreed. 

Mayor Smith was authorized to sign the First Amendment to Option Site Ground Lease Agreement and First Amendment to Memorandum of Agreement with Branch Towers III, LLC. 

Mayor Smith addressed the council: “Guys, this is what I talked to you individually about and this is where they [Site Ground Lease Agreement] have a 75-year lease and we’re coming up for a, next year if I’m not mistaken, for the renewal of the lease and they have 3-5 year lease. If we go with this route, they are not buying the property, they’re just leasing it for 75 years and what they do is they will just give us a payment all up front, it won’t be monthly installments that they have before. I think all this will be beneficial to the city here.”

Pat Brummett also asked the council to approve the City of DeQuincy Utilities Language Access Plan, which will be used to connect Non-English speaking citizens to assistance.This motion was also unanimously agreed upon.

The meeting adjourned at 6:21 p. m .

Follow-up questions 

Who was the individual reading the budget?

Is Cameron Smith legally and ethically allowed to serve as a DeQuincy Council Member, while his father is the sitting mayor? 

Who and what will determine how the fees are calculated when legal documents are requested?

Will the new fee schedule be added to the website?


Video by Tracy Antoine