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Agency holding meeting: Sulphur City Council

Date: February 13, 2023


A smaller council operated as a quorum as Mayor Danahay issued a proclamation for Cynthia Beverly Day.

The Scene

It was standing room only at Monday night’s city council meeting. Multiple people filled out comment cards while they waited for the meeting to begin. The mood was jovial. 

Thomas and Abshire are both absent. After the prayer and pledge of allegiance, the council removed item 6, an ordinance amending Ordinance No. 435, M-C Series – Master Sales and Use Tax ordinance. 

Mayor Danahay presented a proclamation to Cynthia Beverly, Program Coordinator at Sulphur Senior Center, for acknowledgement of her work at the center as well as in other areas of the community. Cynthia Beverly Day is on February 14th. Many of her family members were present for the proclamation.


Extension for temporary housing, living in RV after 1 year 

1906 Diane Drive

Glen Hanks, owner, says he has filed charges against his general contractor. Hanks has invested over $141 thousand in his home and he is still not in it. He filed theft charges for $21,000. Hanks previously told the zoning board he had no idea how long it would take. A six-month extension was granted.


2815 Mary Ann Street 

Owner Lindy Phillips says Hurricane Laura wanted her home more than they did and put two trees on top of it, severely damaging the roof. Phillips has been living in Texas, and says it was nearly impossible to find a contractor after the hurricanes. She has since found a buyer for the property and paperwork is in progress. Phillips would like another month, and will provide paperwork as requested. If condemned, the owner will have thirty days. City Attorney Cade Cole says the city will not demolish it as long as the new owner comes in to plan what will happen with the property. The property was condemned.

Public hearings

Ordinance zoning property to Residential for Johnny Morgan, Sr., 205 Mathew Street.

Mr. Morgan is not present. The property was never given a zoning classification. The residential lot to the south is also owned by Mr. Morgan. Ms. Hardy made a motion to zone it as residential. Morgan will have to move multiple items from the adjacent property, including a mobile home and a vehicle. Motion passed.

Ordinance granting a rezone to Joseph Ripley, 216 Vincent Lane, from Mixed Residential to Business, to allow for company vehicles and equipment related to a tree service company.

Neighbor Gerald Doucet, 212 Vincent Lane, lives directly next door to the property. Doucet says he does not want this in his neighborhood because they will be making too much noise and breaking the roadways with heavy equipment. Their trailer is in mixed business zoning.

Neighbor Brian Wold, 202 Vincent Lane, lives on the corner but owns the property that surrounds 216 Vincent Lane. Wold asks where they will turn their equipment around, and says there are sewer pipes that keep getting run over and broken and there is no room for large equipment to turn around. 

Mr. Ripley says there would be an eight to ten foot privacy fence with barbed wire on the top and five security cameras. Ripley will gravel the grounds with shells. His workers will arrive at the property at 7 AM, and they are done before 5PM. He counters that Vincent Lane is full of commercial property already, with plenty of diesel vehicles. This yard is strictly for storage.

One neighbor, name not provided, asks how this business will be able to access Vincent Lane directly when the city previously made them construct a private road and a gate for business delivery access off of Highway 90. Ms. Ellender says that vehicle storage is not the same as frequent deliveries. 

The council voted to postpone this decision until the next meeting, when there will be more council members present.

Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 435, M-C Series – Master Sales and Use Tax ordinance – (amending definitions). Removed from agenda.

Mayor Danahay was authorized to sign a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the State of Louisiana to bore 120 feet of 12-inch water main under the main drainage lateral at Louis Alleman Road, “to increase reliability of distributing clean water to homes and businesses and to mitigate the risk of damage to bridge revetment and foundation.” The state has allocated approximately $199,000 for this project.

The council passed an ordinance declaring certain surplus movable property of the City of Sulphur (including IT, Fire, Police, and Public Works equipment) and providing for the disposal thereof.

Introduction of Ordinances

The council amended Chapter 5, Section 21 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sulphur to adopt the 2021 International Building Code. Danahey comments that this code is updated every few years, and Sulphur is amending to keep up to date. There will be a public hearing on this item on May 8, 2023.

They also amended Chapter 9, Section 21 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sulphur to adopt the International Fire Code. There will be a public hearing on this item on May 8, 2023.

Also amended was Chapter 24, under multiple sections of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sulphur to provide more clarity and context. The city of Sulphur works with the parish on their stormwater pollution prevention plan and has adopted newer definitions to coincide with parish regulations. There will be a public hearing on these items on May 8, 2023. 


The council unanimously awarded the lowest bid received for asphalt and chemicals for the City of Sulphur to RE Heidt.

Pat Williams Construction was awarded a contract of approximately $1.17 million for Sulphur Law Enforcement Center storm repairs.

City council authorized the advertisement of bids for the North Water Treatment Improvement Program – Removal and Replacement of Pressure Filters. 

They also called for a Request for Proposals for Debris Removal and Debris Monitoring and Management following a natural or manmade disaster. 

  • Crowder Gulf, Tetra Tech

23. authorizing the advertisement of bids for Sulphur Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Phase 2 SBR Process Improvements and Hurricane Laura Damage Repairs DR4559-LA FEMA CAT E-Construction

RES10-23 (Mayor Danahay)

24. accepting Substantial Completion for the Sulphur Wastewater Plant Phase I SBR Process Improvement – Installation of Decant Control Butterfly Valves. RES11-23 (Mayor Danahay)

Then, the council went into executive session to discuss the following claims:

  • Justin S. Lyons – Claim Number 22ALPD58667 
  • Norman Parker – Claim Number 22ALPD58684 
  • Sean Smith — Claim Number 21EL58612

After approximately 10 minutes in executive session, the council emerged and voted unanimously to settle with all three claimants for undisclosed amounts.


The next Sulphur city council meeting is March 13, 2023 at 5:30 PM.


Meeting agenda

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