Agency Holding Meeting: Calcasieu Parish Police Jury 

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2023, 5:30 pm

Location: Calcasieu Parish Administration Building 

Police Jury Chambers Lake Charles, La.

Documenter name: Carl M. Ambrose, Jr.


The meeting featured a presentation by Sasol North America about the company’s work in the area and their plans for future development. 

The Scene

There was a buzz in the room as the administration team readied for the meeting.  Multiple conversations were going on with about half the chambers filled. President-Elect Chris Landry called the meeting to order and advised anyone who wished to speak in front of the police jury to fill out a card. Then, he turned things over to Mr. Bartie for the Invocation and the pledge.

The secretary held a roll call. Chris Landry, Vice-President Guy Brame, Brian Abshire, Joe Andrepont, Judd Bares, Anthonie Barie, Randy Burleigh, Tony Guillory, Ron Hayes, Eddie Lewis, Jr. Roger Marcantel, Ashton Richard, Mike Smith, Tony Stelly were present. Tony Tramonte was out of town. 

Presentations and appearances

There was a presentation by Sara Hughes, a stakeholder relations manager for Sasol North America, and Vice President of Operations, Eric Walker. Hughes spoke about the challenges the company and region have overcome, the present state of things since those challenges, and plans and developments on the site. (Sasol’s plant in Westlake is called Sasol Lake Charles Chemical Complex and R&D).

She opened up with a disclaimer that brought chuckles from those in attendance, saying, “Before we get into it, the lawyers told me I have to tell everybody not to make any financial or trading decisions based on what we say tonight.” 

She then began to give some economic impact numbers, saying the total cost of the project was $13 billion. The annual employment is 800 direct jobs, 400 through a fifty/fifty partnership with L.I.P. (La. Integrated Polyethylene), an estimated $45 Million spent with La. businesses, $18.6 Million in property, payroll, and use taxes, and more than $7 million invested in their “Social Investment Program” helping area nonprofits. 

She then turned the presentation over to Walker, a Lake Charles native and graduate of McNeese in engineering, who has worked for Sasol for 20+ yrs. He started with a brief bio, then gave an overview of the chemical site and talked about the partnership that formed Louisiana Integrated Polyethylene, L.I.P. He spoke about the products and the value chain. 

The presentation shifted to the future and the 2021 decision by Sasol to decarbonize the operations and reduce “greenhouse gas effects” by 30% by the year 2030. The plan is to accomplish this through renewable energy purchases for significant production sites, including wind and solar. Sasol will process optimization through digitalization and energy efficiency investments. This will also include leveraging advanced technologies to achieve the target goals and CCUS (carbon capture uses and sequestration) to capture and convert into chemicals and fuel. The plan also includes the study, collaboration, and future use of green and blue hydrogen technologies.

[Note: The Sasol plant caught fire in October, and a shelter-in-place order was put into effect. Read more about that here. A unit at the company’s low-density polyethylene exploded and caught fire in January 2020. Sasol has expressed plans to expand long-term.]

He talked about the future home of the “sustainability hub,” which will be situated on the remaining 1,200 acres, and how it had growth potential.  He spoke of the advantages of the location; the site is cleared and prepared for constructing a wide range of facilities. It has the infrastructure, integration options, and incentive-minded governments to provide a unique opportunity for the right partner or partners to develop the sustainable choice of the region thoroughly.  At present, they are attempting to find partners for the hub, he said. 

There were two questions about the time frame for future development, though Walker had no answer about a timeline. 

Engineering and public works

The jury adopted a resolution approving the 2023 Calcasieu Parish Road and Drainage Trust Fund Grants in the amount of $224,00 to the town of Iowa for $109,200 for South Storer Avenue Drainage Improvements. 

The City of Westlake received $114,800 for the National Golf Club Drainage Improvements.  

Checks were presented to the Mayors of Iowa, and Westlake was present to receive the checks and take pictures.

The jury also adopted resolutions approving the relocation of the utility lines agreement with CenterPoint Energy for the Currie Drive Bridge Project. 

The jury entered into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Sulphur for the Sara St. Bridge Replacement Project, with Sulphur reimbursing the CPPJ up to $400,000 of the projected $800,000 cost. 

The jury also established a 50 miles per hour speed limit, canceling the existing 40 miles per hour speed limit, on Route 66. 

The jury approved the purchases of the following properties through funding received from the FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (F.M.A.) program to mitigate future flood losses:

  • 2937 Linkswiler Road, Lake Charles
  • 932 Joe Miller Road, Lake Charles
  • 4008 Genessee Street, Lake Charles
  • 1322 Pamela Street, Sulphur

Note: 100% of the buyout will be funded with FEMA FMA funds; the parish will purchase the property for the appraised value of $180,000 plus all costs related to the appraisal, demolition, and closing of the property.


The minutes from the last Police Jury Meeting, January 25, 2023, were approved, as well as the Parishwide Drainage Committee Report from February 2, 2023.

Planning and development

The police jury approved three renewal ap[plication for liquor and beer permits. The jury also gave the Planning and Development authorization to notify property owners to appear and show cause as to why the structures on the properties stated should not be condemned; these are:

-1100 PARK ROAD, Moss Bluff, Ward One (one manufactured home)

-1080 PARK ROAD, Moss Bluff, Ward One (one manufactured home)

-4909 OPELOUSAS STREET, East Lake Charles,  ( house)

-2977 OLD DERIDDER HIGHWAY, Northeast Lake Charles,(house)

-918 and 914 LEBLEU ROAD, Lake Charles (one house and one    

           manufactured home)

-7625 LING ROAD, South Lake Charles (one manufactured home).

-9167 GULF HIGHWAY, South Lake Charles(one manufactured home)

-9248 GULF HIGHWAY, South Lake Charles(one house and one    

          manufactured home)

-6602 FAIRDALE ROAD, Southeast Lake Charles(one house)

-7327 DELCOMME STREET, East Lake Charles(one accessory 


-4313 HIGHWAY 27 SOUTH, Carlyss(one metal commercial building)

-3049 WIMBERLY DRIVE, Vinton (one house)

-208 RED ROSE DRIVE, Carlyss(one manufactured home and one 

          accessory building)

-7077 STARBOARD DRIVE, Carlyss(one house)

-566 EDSON STREET, Sulphur(one house and one accessory 


-3145 DAVIS ROAD, Westlake(one manufactured home)

-204 A-D PONDEROSA ROAD, Westlake(two manufactured homes 

          and two accessory buildings)

-680 GOSS ROAD, Westlake(one manufactured home)

-2606 AGNES LANE, Sulphur(one manufactured home and one

          accessory building)

-4125 RUSSELL STREET, Sulphur(one house)

Human services

The jury has approved the submission of the request to transfer up to $606,838 of WIOA Title 1B Dislocated Worker Funds allocated for 2022/2023 to the Adult Program. It was approved by  a motion.

Other approvals

The police jury approved the payment of all invoices.

 Additionally, it approved resolutions on proposals received for Emergency Debris Removal Services with CrowderGulf, LLC., and Thompson Consulting Services, LLC.,  with the contract to be awarded after the negotiations are complete. 

As substantially complete, the Starks Library Hurricane Repair Project resolution was passed.  

Approval of the advertisement of bids for the Gauthier Rd-Lake Charles Regional Airport Sewer Transport System Phase 2, the Hwy397 and James Sudduth Rd Waterline Loop and Replacement Project, and for Public Works East and West Side Paving Improvement Projects.

Board appointments

Airport Authority of Airport District No. One; 

 -Ms. Mary Kaye Eason  reappointed

-Memorial Hospital Service District;

 Mr. Cornelius “Cornie” Moon  reappointed

 Mr. George Heard  reappointed 

-Waterworks District No. Fourteen of Ward Five; 

Mr. Jeremy Istre  reappointed

Children and Youth Planning Board; All of the following were reappointed:

-Education – Dr. Michelle Joubert (Early Childhood/Elementary) and Dr. 

  Felicia Coleman (Mental Health) 

-Law Enforcement – Mr. Kevin Kirkum (LCPD) and Commander Gene 

 Pittman (CPSO) 

– Prosecution – Ms. Lisa Ryder (DA’s Office)

 -Judiciary – Honorable Cynthia Guillory and Honorable Guy Bradberry

 -Juvenile Justice -Mr. Anthony Celestine (OJJS) and  Ms. Stefanie  


-Health Care – Ms. Janet Fontenot, RN 

-Mental Health Mrs. Amber Dalovisio

-Substance Abuse  -Ms. Charmaine Anderson 

– Social Services -Ms. Amy Dunn 

Mr. Landry instructed the Jury to read the board’s advise and adjourned the meeting.


The agenda here:


Follow-up Questions

How accurate are the numbers Sasol representatives are using? 

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