Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2023, 5:30 pm

Location: Lake Charles City Hall in Council Chambers 

Documenter Name: Carl M. Ambrose, Jr.


The city council meeting was filled with public hearings on demolition, plus some updates and actions on events and projects.

The Scene

The room was filled with conversations before the start of the city council meeting, with it being about one-third filled. Mr. Ieyoub called the meeting to order, and Mrs. Thibodeaux called roll.  Mr. Ieyoub, Vice-President Eckard, Mrs. August, Mr. Geyen, Mr. Weahterford, Mr. Harvey, and Mr. Marks were present. Also present were Mayor Hunter, Mr. Cardone, Mr. Morgan, and Police Chief Caldwell. Mr. Ieyoub asked Mr. Marks to lead the invocation and Chief Caldwell to lead the Pledge.

The first item of business was the approval of the minutes of the special meeting held on January 25. The minutes were approved 7-0. 

Public hearings on demolitions

There was a deferral, a demolition at 3537 Greenwich Blvd., a property owned by KAJA Holdings 2, LLC. Mr. Geyen, when asked if he had any objections, said” “I don’t have any, but I’d like to know why we are deferring it.” Mr. Morgan, the city attorney, advised Mr. Geyen that it deferred appointing a curator. The item was deferred until March 1, 2023.

The following hearing on condemned structures set for demolition. 

 -2212 Common Street, Ray M. Morgan Estate, owner.

This property has a new owner, and according to Mr. Morgan and Mr. Ieyoub, substantial work has been done.  After discussion, with no objection,  it was deferred for 60 days until April 1, 2023.

 -124 Ryan Street, James Bernard Mistretta, owner.

Mr. Harvey asked for Mr. Morgan’s guidance since the last hearing’s requirements were met.  Mr. Morgan advised deletion since all the conditions have been completed, and the owner is marketing the property.  Since the item was a deletion, a vote passed 7-0.

 -2837Wingate Street, Kenneth Ray McManus, Jr., and Melissa D’Laine McManus, owners.

Mr. McNanus spoke to the council, explaining that the weather prohibited them from getting more than the grass cut and some trees moved.  He advised that he hasn’t been able to get the tractor in.  Mr. Harvey talked about the numerous complaints concerning the property.  After discussing with Mr. Morgan, Mr. Harvey agreed to thirty/ninety days to pull the permit and complete the work.  The recommendation passed 7-0.

 -3000 Broad Street, Southern Amusement Company, Inc., owner.

Mr. George Crosby advised that it’s been listed since the hurricane, with several potential deals falling through.  At this time, he declared that he had a letter of intent to purchase the property.  Mrs. August advised that she would recommend 60 days.  It was deferred to April 5, 2023.

 -1926 11th Street, Equicredit Corporation of America, owner. Mr. Hester from the city said that since their first visit, a new roof has been put on, and the brick wall has been fixed, and that they should revisit this.  There was a card for a speaker.  Mr. Brown said that he has been unable to get a permit because he is waiting on an appraisal of the house.  Since it was in a flood zone, it must be reassessed based on FEMA flood guidelines concerning elevation, according to Mr. Weatherford and Mr. Burguieres of city planning.  Mrs. August recommended 60 days for a review hearing on April 5, 2023.  After saying they were inconsistent on voting, Mr. Ieyoub held a vote for deferral, which passed 7-0.

-619 Enterprise Boulevard, Treyvon M. Gumms, owner.

Mr. Leroy Gumms came to the podium to speak.  He said he had been in town for a week, all the debris had been removed, all windows were fixed, and they were working on it.  Because he lives in Paris, Ca. , he asked for more time since he had to fly back.  He was advised that he didn’t have to appear if progress had been shown.  He had pictures to show what had been done since the city took pictures.  Mrs. August agreed to a 90 day review on May 5, 2023.  The vote was 7-0. 

 -407 South 1st Avenue, Joann Nixon Gatlin and Harold Jacob Nixon, owners.  Mrs. August advised that this structure fronted the walking trail and took away from the safety and aesthetics.  She recommended 15 days, and the vote passed 7-0.

 -2444 6th Street, Aubrey Cecil Cooley, owner.

Mr. Geyen said, “I wish I could go fifteen/ten on this one.” to the crowd’s laughter.  He then recommended fifteen/fifteen, and the vote was 7-0 in favor.

 -740 18th Street, Crystal Lynn Trahan, Megan Renee’ Trahan, and Mattheau GunnerTrahan, owners.

Mr. Hester stated that they had several complaints from the neighbor.  Ms. Crystal Trahan came to speak and advised the council that her sibling was the cause of the problems and that they were happy that the city was condemning the house. She said they are still getting bids because the first one was too high.  Mr. Ieyoub recommended 30-60 days; it passed 7-0.

-2150 Willowick Street, Dorie Ruth Clements Newport, owner.

Mr. Marks recommended fifteen/fifteen, and it passed 7-0.

Ordinances and actions

  • Final action was taken on the ordinance adopting the most recent additions of the State Uniform Construction Code, recently enacted by the State Legislature and amending the City of Lake Charles Code of Ordinances Sec. 6-35(1-7) Of Chapter 6, effective January 1, 2023.
  • A measure was introduced, and the final action taken, on an ordinance to allow additional funding for the Interior and Exterior Repairs to City Hall. It will enable the mayor to sign change orders exceeding 15% for further repairs. Mr. Morgan read the ordinance into the record.  Mr. Eckard asked if the repairs and cost included the sprinklers, and Mr. Morgan advised they did not. It passed 7-0.


There were several resolutions that the council adopted by consent.

  • In celebration of Mardi Gras 2023, a special event permit was issued to Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana for parades held between Friday, February 17, and Tuesday, February 21, 2023. 
  • Several city projects were accepted as substantially complete, and the 45-day lien period was authorized. They were the AMI Collector Site Electrical Improvements and the St.Louis Area Drainage Rehabilitation. 
  • Approval to receive bids for Wastewater System Improvements at Salene Rd, Lawrence Lane, and A. Miller Rd.
  • Loche Park is declared a “Family Friendly Zone” during all 2023 Mardi Gras parades and activities, and requests the LCPD enforce the “no consumption, possession and/or sales of alcoholic beverages on park grounds.”

A couple of items for introduction by consent will be read into the record the following day at 9:00 am.

The meeting was adjourned.


The agenda for the City Council Meeting can be found here: