Agency holding meeting: Lake Charles City Council Special Meeting and Agenda

Location: City Council Chambers of Lake Charles City Hall

Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2023, 5:30 pm 

Documenter: Carl M. Ambrose, Jr.


The city council held a special session at the agenda meeting for amending the City of Lake Charles Fire Department civil service pay plan. 

The Scene

The City Council held a special meeting before the regularly scheduled agenda meeting. 

There was only one item on the agenda, an ordinance for introduction and final action, amending the City of Lake Charles Fire Department Civil Service Pay Plan Pay Matrix. The City Council adopted the original ordinance at its December 21, 2022, meeting.

Special meeting 

The meeting was called to order, and Mrs. Thibodeaux conducted the roll call. Mrs. August, Mr. Eckard, Mr. Weatherford, Mr. Ieyoub, and Mr. Geyen were present.  Mrs. Thibodeaux noted that Mr. Harvey and Mr. Marks would not be attending. The Council passed the ordinance amending the City of Lake Charles Fire Department Civil Service Pay Plan Matrix 5-0.

The special meeting was adjourned.

Agenda meeting

The agenda meeting was called to order immediately following the special session. Mrs. Thibodeaux read into the record the items that would be added to the agenda. They included several properties to be included in the public hearings, which have been condemned and set to be demolished. There were also introductions of ordinances for acceptance of bids for asphalt overlay sanitary sewer repairs and the purchase of three half-ton trucks for the Public Works department.

The floor was then opened to the council members to add anything to the agenda or comments.  Mrs. August discussed looking into the possibility of a siren system for severe weather and asked if the administration would look into it. None of the other council members had anything to add, and the meeting was adjourned.