Documenter name: Natalie McLendon

Agency holding meeting: Sulphur City Council

Date: December 13, 2022 at 5:30 PM


In their latest regular meeting, Sulphur City Council granted more extensions to those living in recreational vehicles after Hurricane Laura and to homes facing condemnation.


The Sulphur City Council is a five person elected body representing the five districts of the city. 

The Scene

The Sulphur City Council met in a portable building in the parking lot of a closed Kroger grocery store at 1551 East Napoleon Street. This is their temporary location until the grocery store is renovated to house city departments. It does not appear that any construction to do so is currently in progress.

Community Perspective

No one in the audience provided public comment, other than a few property owners who spoke when their agenda items were called.


  • Wilmer Dugas was recognized by the council for his dedication and service to the community.
  • The residents of Pecan Street were recognized for their 10th year in participating in a Christmas light display

Property and housing issues


  • The City denied a variance for a mobile home on 2325 Merwood Avenue to be 412 square feet rather than 600 square feet. This is in Joy Abshire’s district. Abshire says it would appear that the homeowner has moved out, and so a variance will not be needed.

Public Hearings

  • Rezoning ordinance for Brimstone Rentals, Inc., on Bayou Bend/Maplewood Drive/Advent Avenue, from Business to Commercial. Kevin Leonard spoke on this issue. Leonard said he requested this because his dad built an industrial park of about nine acres. He was approached by Woody Daigle a few months ago about leasing some property there but was required to be commercial, so he was not able to lease the property to this potential tenant. Leonard believes commercial zoning would be the best fit for this area. There are contractors, automated supply companies, and other similar entities within this complex. The ordinance was granted.
  • Extension for temporary housing in recreational vehicles due to damage by Hurricane Laura

(Living in RV for 1.5 years)

  1. 1105 Henning Drive – Owner Naomi Dronette is asking for another extension. Council member Nick Nezat visited the property and notes that Dronette has made some progress on electrical elements. It is an older home that needs a lot of electrical updates. Carbon monoxide must be hard wired and Dronette had difficulty with that. Nezat feels the homeowner should be given an additional six months. The extension was granted.
  1. 706 Live Oak – Homeowner Suzanne Hebert says that progress is slow because they have been making a lot of trips to Houston for medical reasons. The extension was granted.
  1. 2317 East Burton Street – Council Member Ellender didn’t see an RV there when they went to check. The RV is behind the house. There is no one to speak for this item. Permits have not been pulled. Ellender says she is thinking they do not need the extension. Arlene Blanchard says they were given a 6-month extension previously. Motion to grant extension failed.
  1. 2589 Augustine – Abshire’s district – She doesn’t have all of the answers for this house and would like to do some investigation. Abshire asks for a 30 day extension, which was granted.

(Living in RV for two years)

  1. 1033 West Verdine St. – The house has a new roof so it isn’t leaking but that is all Ellender knows. A 30-day extension was granted.
  • Rule to Show Cause for condition of following addresses
    1. Condemn 301 Roddam –

A three month extension was previously granted, but the homeowner did not show up to the meeting then. No one is here today, but Nezat has seen progress when he went to view the home. A 6-month extension was granted.

  1. Condemn 120 Roberta Drive – Ellender –

The homeowner was previously given a 90 day extension. Ellender says It doesn’t look like they are going really fast, but she doesn’t know if they’ve done anything in the past 90 days. The homeowner applied for a permit back in May. There have been no requests for inspection approvals. Resident was here 90 days ago at previous hearing. Ellender makes a motion for a 30 day extension. If they condemn it, the owner will be given 30 days to amend it. Motion to condemn is granted.

  1. Condemn 1105 Lori Lane –

Mr. Vincent, owner of the building says that some progress has been made but he is having trouble getting quotes from contractors. “It has been difficult to get people to even look at it,” Vincent said, and he then requested an additional 30 days. Abshire says there isn’t a lot of work that needs to be done, but the property just needs to be secured. This item was postponed for 30 days, and will be revisited on January 9.

Other ordinances

  • Ordinance granting a right-of-way and authorizing Mayor Mike Danahay to execute right of way with Sulphur Housing Authority for the Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Replacement Project. This agenda item was removed.
  • Ordinance amending Ordinance 1696, ½ cent sales tax. The interest on unpaid tax was amended from 1.25 to 1%.
  • Ordinance amending Ordinance 1696, 1% sales tax, The interest on unpaid tax was amended from 1.25 to 1%.
  • Postponed – An ordinance amending definition of Master Sales and Use Tax.
  • This ordinance granted a right of way and authorized Mayor Mike Danahay to execute right of way with Entergy Louisiana, LLC, for property located across and above Roselawn Cemetery.
  • This ordinance amended Ordinance 1712, which authorized Mayor Danahay to enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and Ward 4 Marshal’s Office for salaries for the Marshal’s office.
  • Mayor Mike Danahay entered a Joint Services Agreement for Calcasieu Parish Public Safety Commission for dispatching service to the Sulphur Fire Department.
  • The city authorized a police officer to purchase a police dog that is no longer needed for police work. Secretary Arlene Blanchard has previously stated that the price of purchase would likely be around $1.
  • The city repealed Ordinance 1299, which created the Hope Economic Development District on Beglis Parkway. The property is no longer intended for that purpose.
  • Ordinance No. 1312, which authorized the levy of a sales tax and hotel occupancy tax for the Hope Economic Development District, was repealed.
  • Ordinance No. 1313 was also repealed. This ordinance authorized Hope Economic Development District to enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the City of Sulphur, the District and Hope Investment I, LLC with respect to economic development projects within the District.
  • Ordinance No. 1314 was also repealed. This ordinance authorized the City of Sulphur to enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between the City of Sulphur and the District and Hope Investments I, LLC, to govern the collection of the tax, the use of the proceeds of the tax, the operation of the District and the obligation of the Company
  • Ordinance No. 1369 was amended. The ordinance authorized the levy of a sales tax and hotel occupancy tax for the Opelram Economic Development District located on West Cal Blvd. The language was amended to state that “the interest on the unpaid Sales Tax and the unpaid Hotel Tax provided for by La. R.S. 47:337.69 shall be at the rate of one percent (1%) per month.”
  • Ordinance No. 1372 was amended. The ordinance authorized the levy of a sales tax and hotel occupancy tax for the Executive Economic Development District located west of West Cal Arena. The text was amended to say “the interest on the unpaid Sales Tax and the unpaid Hotel Tax provided for by La. R.S. 47:337.69 shall be at the rate of one percent (1%) per month.”

Introduction of Ordinance

  • Mayor Danahay will enter a Cooperative Endeavor agreement with Calcasieu Parish Police Jury for the Sara Street Bridge Replacement project. The parish wants the city to pay for half of the proposed amount of $1 million. The city wants to make a $400,000 payment since the parish has much more available funding than the city.


  • The city awarded the low bid for the annual supply of pipe and fittings, limestone and asphalt mix and chemical supplies for the city.
  • Mayor Danahey will sign a contract for FLYTE pumps for the Wastewater Treatment Plant, piggybacking through Gulf States Engineering. The city ends up paying more in maintenance fees to replace cheaper pumps multiple times. This contract will result in cost savings.
  • Jennifer Thorn, Director of Finance, will sign on behalf of the City of Sulphur to reject Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage. This happens annually.
  • The council set dates for city council, land use and board of zoning adjustment meetings for 2023.
  • A resolution allowing Mayor Danahay to sign any and all Environmental Review documents for the Sulphur Housing Authority was removed from the agenda.
  • The city authorized a Request for Proposals for Debris Removal and Debris Monitoring and Management following a natural or manmade disaster. The demolitions have taken longer because they require a structural engineer on structures to be demolished. Those are lagging behind. But debris removal ought to be going through towards the end of this month. The engineering reports have to be sent to FEMA and it takes some time.
  1. DPTD contract for federal aid project for Post Oak Road project at Burton Street. This project has been pending for some time. 
  1. Readvertisement for limestone and chemicals for city of Sulphur because bid specs were not sent out last month.

Follow-up questions

Is the Sara Street Bridge Replacement project the result of hurricanes?

Why was Ordinance 1313 repealed?


  1. Agenda 12-12-2022
  2. Resolutions and Orders 12-12-2022
  3. Meeting minutes from 11-14-2022