Westlake City Council Regular Meeting

Documenter name: Natalie McLendon

Agency holding meeting: Westlake City Council

Date: Monday, November 21, 2022


The agenda packet for this meeting can be found here

The Scene

There were about 20 members of the public present, in addition to the members of the city council. 

Community Perspective

Gracie Evans and Jamira Guillory, Westlake High School Ag Students, were recognized by the council for being in the Top 10 at National Future Farmers of America Agriscience Fair. They placed first in state, and seventh in the nation for their project on plant systems to see how light direction would affect bok choy. Six hours of light produced the most edible mass. 18 hours of continuous light produced the least. 

Two firefighters, John Laverne and Dalton Bushnell were recognized for their recent EMT certification and were presented with EMT patches.

The Debate

There were no disagreements noted.

Policies and Decisions

Minutes for the previous month’s meeting were approved. The council then adopted an ordinance that would rezone property at 1416 McKinley Street from a single family dwelling to a multi-family residence. The council also approved a variance for a beauty salon to be placed next to a home at 1016 Pullman Street.

During October’s meeting, the city changed the speed limit in the West Trace community from 25 to 15 miles per hour. Westlake resident Jonathan Walker brought a petition containing 25 signatures all in favor of keeping the speed limit on Augusta Way at 25 miles per hour. The council stated that they would review the petition and discuss it at the next meeting.


The city adopted Ordinance 1011, which amends Ordinance 994 to expand the Westlake Opportunity District to include the newly opened Horseshoe Casino property. This Economic Development District was created in 2021.

Interim Mayor Daniel Racca was authorized to approve a change order for the Foster Lane and Jones Street sewer extension. The original contract price was approximately $893,000 and was reduced by $41,000.

The city voted to amend the payment of penalties in regard to sales tax as mandated by the legislature. 1014 – amending interest of the code of ordinances of the city of westlake

Mayor Racca entered a joint service agreement between Calcasieu Communications District and the Westlake Fire Department for dispatching services.

The city also created an ordinance that would prohibit gaming revenue from being the source of the payment of a new debt.

Other updates

  • There will be a public hearing at the Ward 3 Pryce/Miller Recreation Center on Tuesday, December 13 regarding the newly released environmental impact statement on the I-10 bridge. This statement has been worked on for 22 years and it is finally ready. 
  • The city hopes that the new Economic Development District will bring new businesses to Westlake along the river.

Housing condemnations

The council voted to condemn and demolish a blue tarped home on 1021 Live Oak Street. They will now publish a notice to bidders in the Lake Charles American Press for the demolition of the property.

Hurricane recovery

There were a number of housekeeping items on this month’s agenda. The Continuity of Operations Plan was approved and adopted. Such plans mitigate disruptions to governmental functions in the event of any disaster. The city also voted to adopt an updated work policy for city employees, as well as the council meeting and holiday schedules for 2023.

Other reports

Fire Department – Chief Melissa Bowles finished a car seat technician class, so she will now assist members of the community with properly setting up car seats. The Department is giving out Narcan and Fentanyl testing strips through a partnership with Do No Harm.