Documenter name:  Brent Hawkins

Agency holding meeting:  Calcasieu Parish Police Jury

Date: Oct 6, 2022


The police jury held its regular monthly meeting with an appearance by candidate running for Public Service Commissioner for district four, and condemned multiple homes. 

The Scene

There were approximately 50 people in attendance. The room was at approximately 60 capacity.  

Community Perspective

Most community interaction was on the issue where the police jury was taking action to condem various properties in Calcasieu Parish.  There were 18 properties set to be voted on. Three properties were given a 30-day reprieve for the owner to take action delaying a vote for condemnation.  


The agenda was followed as outlined.   

The Debate

The biggest debate was centered around tax appeals, based on assessments from the tax assessor. The police jury, by statue, is the designated body to hear interim appeals for tax assessments.  All appeals were taken by local industry.  Police juryman Landry took great exception with the process as the final arbiter is the Louisiana Tax Commission.   


The agenda with attachments is available.  


There was one item on the agenda directly related to hurricane recovery. Item 4G, which authorized the police jury to acquire the property located at 695 Topsy Road, Lake Charles, with funds from FEMA. The property has suffered repetitive losses; it is valued at $232,000.  The building is slated to be destroyed and the property will become green space.   


Follow-up Questions

Do we know the process or can we locate the policy that states how they determine how properties will be demolished?

What type of green space is this, and what’s the plan for it?

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