Southerly is looking to assign a few projects this winter that meet information needs in Southern communities. Read on to find out more!

What are we looking for?

A journalism project that meets a storytelling and/or information need around an environmental justice issue in your community. This could be: a community event about a topic; a series of workshops; a flyer or brochure explaining an issue; a digital or social media campaign; etc. You can write a story with it, but you’re not required to do so.

Environmental justice issues can include public health issues related to pollution, disasters, food, infrastructure, a specific industry or event, etc. We are prioritizing rural and low-wealth communities’ information needs, and places where there is not enough media attention or coverage. You must be based in one of the 13 Southern states we cover.

What should my pitch include?

Read this page carefully, and then fill out this Google form to apply.

Who can apply?

Anyone! You do not have to be a journalist, but we do prefer some kind of writing experience. The most important things are that you’re familiar with the topic, have connections in your community to make this project worthwhile, and can see it through. 

Can you give some examples?

Sure! Here’s a list of projects we’ve done in the last year that have involved stories and/or printed brochures, newsletters, flyers, and more.

How we worked with an environmental justice group to create brochures on pollution in eastern N.C.

How we made a mental health resource guide for southwest La. residents

Why we created a landfill guide for Bristol residents

2022 community reporting fellow projects

‘They want us gone’: Black Louisianans fight to rebuild a year after Ida

What you need to know about FEMA assistance for Kentucky floods

This is different from a traditional story pitch. Here’s what we DO NOT want:

  • A magazine or newspaper story idea
  • A story about a community or place you’re not part of or familiar with
  • Something super complex that will take six months. We’re looking for smaller projects to meet immediate storytelling and info needs!
  • A story or project about a community outside the 13 states we cover

What does this pay?

Southerly pays a high rate, and we’ve always prided ourselves in transparency around pay. We don’t have a set payment plan for this project, as it’s new and depends on what we choose. It will likely either be paid in a lump sum or hourly (we will pay at least $25/hour+), depending on the project, number of people participating in your project, and experience. We’ll be sure to work this out with you asap!

Any questions please email

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