Agency holding meeting: Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Meeting

Date: Thursday, January 5, 2023, 5:30 pm Police Jury Chambers

Documenter: Carl M. Ambrose, Jr.


In their first meeting of 2023, the police jury chose a new president and vice president. 

The Scene

There was a small crowd for the meeting, with a few people milling around and holding conversations before the start of the session. President Tony Stelly called the meeting to order; Mr. Richard gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. The clerk conducted a roll call.Those present were: Brian Abshire, Joe Andrepont, Judd Bares, Guy Brame, Randy Burleigh, Tony Guillory, Eddie Lewis, Jr., Roger Marcantel, Aston Richard, Rony Tramonte, and Chris Landry.  Unfortunately, Mr. Ron Hayes was absent and unable to attend, per the clerk.


President Tony Stelly addressed all in attendance: “Well, I’m going to start by saying, first off, I serve with a fine group of gentlemen up here. I think everyone does a good job, does a great job, to represent the people that elected them. Second of all, I think we have a staff and administration second to none, and all these guys come to work every day to try and make the parish a better place for everyone. It was a recovery year for us; I just inquired about the drainage laterals and were not but a little over 50% complete on them, so we’re still in recovery and waiting for federal money is like waiting for Santa Claus, he never comes…and finally, when it does come, these guys get to work and get the job done, so I want to them and everyone for a great year, and thank God for no hurricanes. Thank you.”

Mr. Andrepont thanked Mr. Stelly for his service as president. ” …You were always approachable, and thought you did a very good job, that’s not easy,  I don’t think the public knows all the different things a police jury president does, with appearances and meetings, and think you represented us well.”  

Several other jury members expressed their appreciation for his and Mr. Barties’ service to the parish. Mr. Bares jokingly said, “we have some lovely parting gifts for you,” to which there was laughter, then someone quipped, “Mike’s got a hat for you.” He was referring to Mike Smith, who always wears hats.

New appointments 

Mr. Stelly brought up the first matter of business: the election of a new president and vice president, and opened the floor to nominations. 

Tony Guillory nominated Chris Landry; there were no other nominations, and a motion was made to close the nominations and seconded. Mr. Landry is the new president. 

He assumed the seat and spoke briefly: “Thank you to everyone here. I appreciated your vote—Washington could learn a lot from this, you kinda get past that point to get some things done.” Bares shouted, “Amen,” as the jury laughed. 

Mr. Landry said he would be available to all jurors and help them in any way he could to get something done in the last year of his term. 

Mr. Landry opened the floor for vice president nominations, and Guy Brame was nominated.  A motion to close was made and seconded, so Mr. Brame is the new vice president. He thanked his colleagues for their support and pledged to work with Mr. Landry to get things done. 

There was a presentation of plaques to Mr. Stelly and Mr. Bartie for their service as president and vice president.

Engineering and public works

A resolution was adopted to the Archaeological services contract with Coastal Environments, Inc., which will include any additional services related to compliance with the Public Assistance Program administered through FEMA. This passed with no discussion.


The minutes of the December 1, 2022, Regular Meeting of the CPPJ were approved.

Planning and Development

Staff recommendation and jury approval were given to 12 liquor and beer permits; they were all renewal applicants-passed with no discussion.

Other decisions

  • Approval was given for the payment of all current invoices of the jury. This passed with no discussion. 
  • Staff recommended, and the resolution was adopted, to accept a bid received by the Parish Purchasing Agent for the Pile Repair of Various Bridges submitted by Reliant Industrial Solutions, LLC. for $282,000.00. This passed with no discussion.
  • Bids for Uniform Scrubs from Cintas Sales Corporation and Uniformly Fit, LLC passed with no discussion. 
  • There was also a resolution approving the purchase of Microsoft product licenses from SHI International Corp for a three-year term of $211,828.27 annually.  
  • A resolution was adopted that accepted that the Calcasieu Parish Juvenile Justice Complex was just about complete.

Board appointments

The board appointments were made, all passing by motion and second and no discussion.

  •  Ms. Laura P. Richardson and Mr. Anthony Zaumbrecher reappointed to the Calcasieu Library System Board.
  • Ms. Jillian Fox, Mr. Blaine Harrington, and Mr. F.J. Sylvester reappointed to Ward Two Fire Protection District No. 1. 
  • Mr. Robert “Bobby” Cholley reappointed to Ward Six Fire Protection District.
  • Mr. Haley Bellard reappointed to Waterworks District No. 1.

Mr. Landry told everyone to look at the Board Advise, the last thing on the agenda, when they had time.

A move to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded.  


Agenda here


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