Ecology + Justice + Culture in the American South

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Southerners deserve stories that cover the nuances of their environment, history, and communities without being condescending or stereotypical, without parachuting in from large metropolitan areas. This region is beautiful, heartbreaking, diverse, complicated, and ever-changing. And the rest of the world should know the truths of the South — because there are many, and sometimes, they’re contradictory. 

Southerly partners with national and regional outlets to tell fuller stories of this complex place. If you’re a reporter, editor, and/or newsroom leader who wants on-the-ground editorial guidance and reporting, contact us. For varying fees, we can offer several things: a) consulting for your project b) editing, reporting, fact-checking, or cultural sensitivity reads or c) a collaboration in which we co-report the piece and work with local folks to ensure the story gets out to the people it’s about.

Contact Lyndsey Gilpin, editor-in-chief, at for more information.


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