Ecology + Justice + Culture in the American South



Southerly’s broader mission is to create a stronger media ecosystem in the Southern U.S. — particularly around reporting about environment, public health, and climate change. Do you have a story idea or project you’d like to collaborate on? Email editor-in-chief Lyndsey Gilpin at with details and/or questions. We’d love to talk about working together.

Southerly helps publications of any size, medium, and audience tell more thoughtful, informative stories about climate and environmental issues in the American South. If you’re a local or regional newsroom leader in one of these states: LA, MS, TX, AL, FL, NC, SC, GA, VA, WV, KY, TN, AR, read more about how to partner with us to tell more impactful stories about the environment, climate change, and public health. We ensure that community outreach and collaboration is part of every project so that the people we’re covering have access to the information.

If you’re a reporter or editor at a national outlet, learn more about working with us here.


Are you a community organization (in LA, MS, TX, AL, FL, NC, SC, GA, VA, WV, KY, TN, AR) with interest in partnering on information access and/or education and storytelling about climate change, public health, or other environmental issues? Here’s more about what we do and how to work with us.